About Gamepedia

Gamepedia is the largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. Owned and operated by Curse, Gamepedia is home to everything from indie title wikis to some of the best-known gaming wikis such as the Official Minecraft Wiki, Leaguepedia, and the Official ARK Wiki. Ranked in the top 1,000 sites globally by traffic, Gamepedia continues to expand rapidly with the creation of new wiki projects on a near-daily basis. In addition to its wiki offerings, Gamepedia is also a source of gaming news and information, high-quality video content, and exciting contests and giveaways.


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Editorial Staff


    • Brianna Clark - Senior Content Manager

      Brianna manages editorial content for a variety of Curse properties, including Gamepedia, MMO-Champion, HearthPwn, Diablo Fans, and more. In her free time, she enjoys playing tabletop games, spending time outdoors, and binge-watching sci-fi.

    • Brad Jones - Associate Editor

      Brad started out with Gamepedia by contributing to its Star Citizen Wiki. Now, he helps to manage the editorial content of Curse properties.

    • Jarrett Green - Contributing Editor

      Jarrett shares his love of video games and geek culture through feature articles on Gamepedia. He prides himself on his deep attraction to Japanese beat-em ups and his god-like Bushido Blade talents.



Wiki Staff


    • Ben Robinson - Wiki Director

      ?Ben is the Wiki Director at Curse overseeing everything Gamepedia. In his spare time he loves playing games, watching Detroit sports, and animals. He used to play CAL-I CS 1.6 with team shockwave and raided hardcore WoW with Gummi Bears and Exodus.?

    • Benjamin Tarsa - Marketing and Community Manager

      Benjamin manages all of the non-wiki content on Gamepedia as well as taking care of community-related concerns and relationships with indie partners. In his spare time he is an avid reader and gamer, and has freakishly flexible thumbs.